Gay Teen Suspended for Ripping Bible Pages

Isaiah Smith, student leader and gay rights activist of the Birdville Independent School District in Texas, was suspended for ripping pages out of his own Bible as a protest against anti-gay bullying.

Tired of other students harassing him about being gay and a Christian, he brought his Bible to class and tore out portions of Leviticus to challenge their statements that “being gay is a sin,” and that “gays go to hell.”

Three days after his public display, Smith was sent to the assistant principal’s office where he was asked to recount what happened, got his Bible confiscated and was informed he would serve a three-day suspension.

The American Humanist Association has stepped up in defense of the gay teen by sending a complaint to the school district and challenging the school to remove such policies that prohibit students from exercising their first amendment rights. They also insist the suspension should be removed from his record or else a lawsuit will follow.

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