Morbid Selfie Gets Funeral Director in Trouble

David L. Jones. Image: Facebook

A family was infuriated when they learned that the burial services of a loved one was reduced to a selfie by a funeral director who took a photo of himself with a hearse in the background.

Houston’s KTRK reports Rose Molina had just finished laying her cousin to rest when she spotted something that shocked her. Apparently as the casket was loaded into the hearse, she saw David Jones who was working for Leal Funeral Home taking a photo of himself.

Molina immediately confronted Jones and asked if he had just taken a selfie. Jones allegedly claimed that he was just “fixing his tie.” Still skeptical of his actions, Molina decided to look Jones up on FaceBook. She discovered not only her cousin’s hearse but dozens of selfies with Jones and caskets in the background.

“That day was especially hard for us because Saturday was the one-year anniversary of the loss of my grandmother, and they were buried next to each other,” said Molina.

Leal Funeral Home’s owner, Joaquin Leal, says Jones is an independent contractor and was working at Leal’s Funeral Home in its San Jacinto City, Tex., location when the incident allegedly happened. Leal told KTRK that Jones’ behavior is unacceptable and said he called the family to apologize.

Jones faces a $5,000 fine for violation of conduct from the Texas Funeral Services Commission. Molina and her family have decided to file a formal complaint.

“No matter what industry,” Molina said, “there should be a level of professionalism and customer service. This does not fall in line with that.”