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Frederick Douglass Statue to be Placed in DC

Frederick-Douglass-BustSave the date. On June 19, 2013 famed abolitionist Frederick Douglas will have a sculpture in his honor erected in Washington, DC. He will be only the fourth African-American to be represented in the capitol’s famed Statuary Hall. It took artist Steven Weitzman five years to make his creation a reality.

This milestone, which coincides with Juneteenth, was made possible through a bi-partisan agreement that was signed by President Barack Obama, who said, “Frederick Douglass, once a slave, rose up to become one of our nation’s great reformers in his fight for equality and an advisor to President Lincoln. His life is a testament to the American spirit and an inspiration to so many. His statue at the Capitol, representing the District of Columbia, will add to the long legacy of dynamic African Americans who have displayed extraordinary leadership throughout history.”

If you’re in town for the unveiling please be sure to take a moment to watch history in the making.