Former President Obama Talks About All the Selfies He’s Had to Take Since Leaving Office

As you know by now, former President Obama has returned to public life. He’s been making appearances and speeches at different events, and this week, he gave his first speech abroad in Milan, Italy.

He discussed the dangers of climate change and made jokes about his current post-presidential life. Obama participated in a Q& A session with former White House chef Sam Kass where he talked about what he does not miss about being in the White House.

“You live in what’s called ‘the bubble,'” said Obama. “And it is a very nice prison. So you don’t have the freedom of movement to just take a walk or to sit at a café.”

However, Obama is still in a prison so to speak, but a much light-hearted one.

Joking about his post-presidential life, Obama said, “I can walk anywhere as long as I’m willing to take a selfie every two steps.”

Indeed, if we saw Obama walking down the street, we’d want a selfie too.