HS Football Coach Infects Player’s Mom With HIV


By// Brandon Byrd

Jimmy Bernard Billingsley was convicted Mon. December 31st, 2012 to 15 years in a Texas prison after knowingly infecting one of his former player’s mother with HIV in 2010, reports News One. Billingsley, 42, met the mother while coaching her son at the local high school and began having unprotected sex with the woman.  After taking a blood test, following prolonged sickness, the mother found out she was HIV-positive and contacted the local police department because she suspected Billingsley infected her on purpose.

The woman told police Billingsley continuously pushed her to have unprotected sex claiming, “You’ll be fine, I wont get you pregnant. I don’t have anything.”  At the court sentencing, Billingsley admitted to knowing his HIV status as early as 2008 and plead guilty to all charges.