Flint teen receives 3 college degrees

There is no such thing as an over-achiever.

Slacking was not on the agenda for Flint, Michigan native Jasmine Cofield, who earned three Associate’s degrees before even entering college or receiving a high school diploma.

Cofield, who is currently a senior at Central Michigan University, was also honored with a Civic award, according to The Black HomeSchool.


Cofield began taking college courses at Mott Middle College when she was just a freshman. The institution integrates both high school and college courses. Most students who attend receive 15 credits before even going on the college. Cofield maintained a 3.97 throughout high school and received enough money in scholarships to handle her Bachelor’s degree studies at Central Michigan. The teen is currently studying to become a physician’s assistant in neuroscience.

Cofield was named a 2015 Newman Civic Fellow, an award given to college students who demonstrate an investment in finding solutions for communities throughout the country. Being involved in the community is significant to the teen. She has traveled out of the country to help rebuild homes as well and serve at facilities that treat patients with HIV/AIDS.

This young lady is already on the path to success, we can only hope she continues to soar.