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Michelle Obama Encourages Early Voting

Michelle Obama Casts Vote
First Lady Michelle Obama Holding Absentee Ballot

By// Chandler Rollins

Michelle Obama voted for…you guessed it Barack Obama, by casting an absentee ballot in Chicago on Monday. As you can see from the picture above she is proudly holding her ballot in support of her husband.

Obama’s campaign noted the president would vote early in Chicago on October 25. Both the president and his wife are advocates of early voting.

“If your state has early voting, join me,” President Obama tweeted, in support of his wife’s due diligence.

According to CNN, voters can already vote early in person or by mail. Depending on state law, early voting can either be done in-person, through the mail or through an absentee ballot. Some states require an excuse for absentee voting while others are moving toward no-excuse absentee balloting. Military personnel are able to vote by email.

This year’s election (Nov. 6) is less than a month away so be sure your voice is counted. The registration deadlines end for the following states this week: Virginia (Oct. 15), New Jersey (Oct. 16), Maine (Oct. 16), Minnesota (Oct. 16), West Virginia (Oct. 16), Maryland (Oct. 16), Kansas (Oct 16.), Massachusetts (Oct. 17), Wisconsin (Oct. 17) and Nebraska (Oct. 19).

Grace period registration and voting will be available October 10- November 3 for those who have missed their deadline. Visit for more information on how to register to vote.