Fire Station in Florida Investigated For Using Obama Toilet Paper

By// Raven Craig

It is against the law for city employees to broadcast their political beliefs on city property, but that has not stopped a fire station in Pompano Beach, Florida from wiping their backsides with 2-ply toilet paper, with President Obama’s face printed on them reports the Sun Sintenel.

This isn’t the first time political mischief has been a problem at this fire station. Last November, another complaint was filed against a firefighter in the same Fire Station for having an anti-Obama bumper sticker on his locker, which he was ordered to take down.

“The individual was ordered to take it down, and he said he understood it was a poor choice,” Pompano Beach Fire Rescue spokeswoman Sandra King told the Sun Sentinel.”To put it on city property is inappropriate.”

In the case of the Obama toilet paper, King says that there will be an investigation into the matter.