Watch: The Fight To End Human Trafficking

It started with a question from her daughter Willow Smith.

“What is sex trafficking?”

Horrified, that was all it took for Jada Pinkett-Smith to dive into the underworlds and all too common crimes of human sex trafficking among children.

Researching heavily and speaking out about the heinous acts with her daughter by her side, Pinkett-Smith is now teaming with CNN to bring her research to an even broader audience with an in-depth special, Children For Sale: The Fight To End Human Trafficking.

Jada will travel to Atlanta, a noted trafficking hot spot, to investigate and engage in conversation with victims of this particular web of crime taking place in the United States.

Children For Sale aims to deliver a gritty and raw exposé of the human trafficking industry with hopes to save children and women in the process.

Watch the trailer below and tune in to CNN, Tuesday July 21, 9pm ET/PT.

Get further details about this special, HERE.