Fertility Clinic Refuses to Mix Race of Patients & Donors

It looks like one fertility clinic is against the “swirl.”

The Regional Fertility Program in Canada refuses to match clients with donors of different ethnicities, the Calgary Herald reports.

The clinic told a White patient that she could only use sperm donors who were also White, citing a desire to avoid creating “rainbow families.”

“I was absolutely floored,” the 38-year-old patient told the Herald. Because of the clinic’s policy, that patient would have been paired to the same donor that a close friend of hers was given.

The clinic’s firm belief against biracial children has been such since 1980, according to the Regional Fertility Program administrative director, Dr. Calvin Greene.

Greene and the other clinic workers believe that “a child of an ethnic background should have the ability to be able to identify with their ethnic roots,” and that biracial children have no true cultural connection.


The patient has since moved on from the Regional Fertility Program, and Greene and his fellow workers still hold strong in their beliefs.

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