Ferguson Police Chief Steps Down

Yet another Ferguson official‘s career has bit the dust in lieu of the Department of Justice’s scathing report on the suburban police department’s constitutional violations. This time it is Ferguson’s police chief, Thomas Jackson, who spent most of 2014’s anti-police violence protests under fire for the tactics his officers used against protesters.

The New York Times is reporting that Jackson is resigning from his post:

The chief, Thomas Jackson, who took over the Ferguson Police Department five years ago, becomes the latest high-ranking city official to fall in the wake of a scathing Justice Department report that accused the city of using its municipal court and police force as moneymaking tools that routinely violated constitutional rights and disproportionately targeted blacks. The municipal judge and city manager, as well as the top court clerk and two police supervisors, have stepped down in the wake of the report’s release last week.

The City of Ferguson still has to decide if it will work with the Justice Department to implement changes or if they will take the DOJ to court to fight the allegations.

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