Feds OK Powdered Alcohol

It’s called Palcohol, it’s meant to be used as a mixer for an instant alcoholic beverage and the U.S. Alcohol and Tobacco Tax and Trade Bureau has finally approved it for sale. But it’s powdered alcohol, and it would be available in a small, easy to carry pouch. All you’d need to do is add water (or not) and “instant buzz.”

Alcohol, despite being ubiquitous, is a drug that is already super easy to abuse. Won’t making it a straight up pack of old school “Lik-M-Aid” be a problem? Won’t people bypass adding water and straight up snort it? And won’t that get you instant drunk and isn’t that dangerous? Isn’t anyone worried it’ll be used to drug people unknowingly? Isn’t anyone concerned that some folks are not responsible enough to handle nearly undetectable powder liquor? They can’t hold their liquid liquor!

I’m not alone being like “the government approved this? Have they ever been to a college campus?!” Some states are already like, nah, son. We’re not ready.

Wrote the Associated Press:

Several states have already moved to ban powdered alcohol, including lawmakers in Colorado who last month advanced legislation to temporarily halt its sale. Concerns have included abuse by minors and whether Palcohol’s light weight would make it easy to sneak alcohol into public events.

A spokesperson for the bureau that approved Palcohol said that because some people might abuse it that shouldn’t be reason enough to ban it. Not a shocking line of thinking since, again, regular liquid alcohol is abused and legal everywhere. But should we be making it easier for people to sneak liquor in places where liquor is not supposed to be?

The inventor of the substance said he had the idea because he wanted to be able to have an alcoholic drink after a hike, but didn’t want to have to lug heavy bottles. But it’s the ease of carrying around a light-weight powder to get tipsy that has people freaked. Time will only tell how it all pans out.

I predict it will pan out face-down “drunk.”

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