FBI to Collect Better Data on Police Shootings

The FBI will begin collecting and providing to the public more information about police shootings of civilians, FBI Director James Comey announced Monday.

The agency also released its annual data on crime nationwide earlier this week. Federal officials have acknowledged a lack of reliable data about how often police officers use force in the line of duty.

In a speech earlier this year, former Attorney General Eric Holder urged better record-keeping, calling the move a “matter of common sense.” Comey has also expressed frustration publicly with the absence of nationwide data following the Ferguson, Missouri shooting death of 18-year-old Michael Brown.

On Monday, Comey encouraged every agency to submit the data to give the public a more complete picture. The FBI intends to collect more information about nonfatal shootings by police of civilians, including facts and circumstances of each incident and who was involved, Comey said.

“We hope this information will become part of a balanced dialogue in communities and in the media – a dialogue that will help to dispel mispereptions, foster accountability and promote transparency in how law enforcement personnel relate to the communities they serve,” said Comey.

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