Man Arrested for Not Paying Daughter’s Train Fare

Philadelphia policemen were captured on tape arresting a father who boarded the train after allegedly only paying his own fare and not his daughter’s.

Three cops led the man, who was holding his little one, off of the train. He was then met by at least five additional Philadelphia and Southeastern Pennsylvania Transportation Authority (SEPTA) officers, who attempted to handcuff him while his child was still in his arms.

One witness can be heard in the video yelling, “he’s got his baby in his hands.”

Another shouted, “That’s two dollars and 25 cents. That’s petty,” in reference to the cost of a one-way train pass.

As more passengers stepped onto the subway’s platform to express their angst about how law enforcement was handling the situation, cops forced commuters back into the train.

Someone eventually grabbed the baby girl as her father was whisked away.

Although the man’s daughter’s age is unclear, according to the SEPTA website, children under the age of four, who are escorted by an adult, are allowed to ride the train for free anytime.

No statements have yet been released by either party.