Farrakhan Mocks Clinton and Trump in Speech

Minister Louis Farrakhan did not mince words during his address to the Nation of Islam convention in Detroit over the weekend, heavily criticizing both Democrats and Republicans, mocking President Trump’s slogan “Make America Great Again” as well as former candidate Hillary Clinton.

“Most of you are so hurt because Queen Hillary lost,” he said, according to the Detroit Free Press. “And some of you have cussed me out because I didn’t vote for her. I didn’t vote for Trump. I knew both of them is the same. You ain’t going to get nothing from either one, but more deceit from Hillary, but more straight talk from Trump.

“He told you, you didn’t have nothing to lose. You’ve been a Democrat all your life and don’t have a damn thing to show for it.”

Of Trump, he balked at his signature saying: “America will never be made great again,” Farrakhan said. “Her days of greatness are over. The God of justice has come. And America now has to pay for what she has done.”

But he also discouraged worry over Trump being in the White House.

“I’m here to talk to all of you who are shaking in your boots” over Trump being president, Farrakhan said. Imitating a person who’s worried about Trump, Farrakhan said: “What are we going to do, the president is bad. He’s the president and he don’t like black people. He don’t like Mexicans. He don’t like Muslims.”

Farrakhan then said: “Maybe so. Who cares? We don’t give a damn what he likes or what he doesn’t like.

“Have no fear … the future is ours. Time for the liberation of our people.”

The three-hour speech, given for the Nation’s Savior’s Day celebration was largely similar to things Farrakhan has said in the past, criticizing integration, advocating Black liberation philosophies and criticizing the political structure over neglect of the Black community.

But he also praised the recent Women’s Marches which took place on inauguration weekend last month.

“That was one of the greatest demonstrations I have seen in the history of protests,” Farrakhan said. “It was a protest against men … who have mistreated women, and put women down.”