Family of Tony Robinson Files Lawsuit

The family of an unarmed 19-year-old teen fatally wounded by a Wisconsin police officer in March filed a federal civil rights lawsuit on Wednesday.

The suit accuses Madison Police Officer Matt Kenny of acting unconstitutionally and lying to investigators. The City of Madison is also listed as a defendant in the suit.

Tony Robinson Jr. was shot and killed on Mar. 6 after police said Kenny responded to a report of possible battery. The officer entered a home where he believed the assault was taking place and was then allegedly attacked by Robinson in a stairwell.

“At no point during Tony Robinson’s encounter with Defendant Kenny did Robinson take any action that would justify the use of deadly force,” the lawsuit reads.

In May, Dane County District Attorney Ismael Ozanne announced that Kenny would not face criminal charges and said the shooting was justified.

An internal review executed by police also cleared Kenny of any wrongdoing.

Officials said a medical examiner found Xanax, psychoactive mushrooms and marijuana in Robinson’s system at the time of his death. Witnesses also told investigators he was assaulting people and jumping in front of cars the night he was killed.

Officer Kenny fired at Robinson a total of seven times, in two rounds of three shots each and then a seventh and final shot as he backed out of the home, according to reports on the investigation.

Attorney Jon Loevy, who is representing Robinson’s family, said Wednesday that officers knew Robinson was suffering from mental issues.

“Tony was someone who needed help. He did not need to be killed,” Loevy said.