Fair Firing? Nordstrom Dismisses Employee

Be careful what you say on social media, or it can cost you your job.

Nordstrom sales associate Aaron Hodges is learning that lesson the hard way.

According to USA Today, Hodges, who is Black, was recently fired because of a comment he reportedly shared on Facebook:

“Instead of slamming the police, I prefer a Kenny Fort approach. Every time an unarmed black man is killed, you kill a decorated white officer, on his door step in front of his family.”

Nordstrom responded to complaints about the comment via Twitter:

While we certainly don’t condone violence, we can’t help but wonder if the same action was taken against employees who may have made comments in support of the officers accused of killing Michael Brown, Eric Garner and Tamir Rice. Or worse, somehow insinuated that those men deserved to die.