Eyes on Ebony: Must-Reads of the Week

Three must-read stories from our sister site,

In this weekly feature, we spotlight popular stories from our sister site,

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Whitenicious and Your Self-Hatred:

Looks like the case of “If it ain’t white, it ain’t right!” has plagued the West Coast of Africa. Denicia, an Nigerian-Cameroonian pop singer has launched a line of beauty products called ‘Whitenicious.’ And, the cosmetic ointments are promising to do precisely what the name suggests — whiten any god-forbidden darkness out of the skin of its consumer. Nevertheless, contributing writer Alexander Hardy asks us all to check the mirror before we point our self-righteous fingers at this fair-skinned-obsessed trend.

[Love No Limit] Perils of the Chase:

What keeps us so enthralled in the topsy-turvy relationship between VH1’s Love & Hip Hop stars Joe Budden and Tahiry? This Ebony article zeros in on two factors: the love and the chase. As these two variables make for great reality TV, Ebony’s Josie Pickens suggests that the obvious imbalance can lead to more pain than pleasure.

Frat Responsible for Racist MLK Day Party Expelled:

You can buy a degree, but you can’t buy class. The Arizona State University’s Tau Kappa Epsilon chapter had the not-so-brilliant idea of enforcing a basketball jersey dress code and a flashing gang sign decorum for a Martin Luther King Day…party. A picture of the event surfaced on the internet causing a huge uproar and leading the public to declare it as racist. The University has since banned the fraternity from its campus.