Eyes on Ebony: Must-Reads of the Week

Three must-read stories from our sister site,

In this weekly feature, we spotlight popular stories from our sister site,

Check out  some of their most buzzed about headlines below.  We dub these three links required reading:

Wrong is Still Wrong, Even When the Victim is Kimye: We all know violence is not the answer, but we can’t put all the blame on Kanye for what went down earlier this week when a teen allegedly called Yeezy’s fiancee Kim Kardashian a “n*gger lover.” That simply is not okay. Writer Damon Young explains why the couple did not deserve what reportedly happened to them.

Getting Waisted: The Dangers of Corset Training: An hourglass figure is certainly enviable, but is wearing a corset (or any other waist-training device) worth the potential health risks? Writer Jamie Harrison explores the topic.

Fifty, Fierce and the First Lady: Founder of MAD FREE Michaela Angela Davis reflects on the significance of first lady Michelle Obama’s 50th birthday.