Were These Foster Kids Used for TV Publicity?

This “House of Hope” edition of Extreme Makeover: Home Edition turned out to be a house of lies. And it’s disturbing.

In 2011, Devonda and James Friday of Lincolnton, North Carolina were featured on the popular home style series, after producers learned of their seven kids and nonprofit organization, House of Hope.

Of their seven children, five were adopted. The family hoped the television show would provide them with a new house and assistance in their nonprofit organization.

That happened. In fact, the producers built the family a House of Hope store and also renovated their small home into a $3, 900- square foot, eight-bedroom mansion. The modesty didn’t stop there either. In addition to the home and business upgrade, they were gifted with thousands’ of dollars worth of donated items for the charity.

Beautiful story, right? Welp, here comes the plot twist.

Following the filming of the episode, the New York Post reports that the five adopted children were kicked out of the house.

And now two of the adopted children are speaking out about it.

“They threw us all out,” Chris Friday, one of the youngest adopted children told WSOC Charlotte. “I know it was about the money from the first day, it was all about the money.”

Chris claims that just months after the TV taping, the couple kicked them out citing “bad behavior.”

And within a year all of the adopted siblings were living in separate homes.

Get more of this unfortunate story in the video below.