Exclusive: JET Explores Post-Prison Program (Series)

Exclusive documentary goes inside the Texas Offender Re-entry Initiative and shows how TD Jakes is striking back at the prison industrial complex.

Graduation season is upon us, but for some, crossing the stage in front of friends and family is about much more than earning a degree.

That’s why, in a unique collaboration with Bishop TD Jakes ministries, traveled to Dallas to witness an unusual commencement ceremony.

Check out “Lock & Key: Inside the Texas Offender Re-entry Initiative” to learn about a special post-prison program to help those whom society has all but written off.

Watch parts 1 and 2 of this special news series exclusive to  Then, stay tuned for the conclusion on 5.13.2014.

PART 1.  See how this exclusive docu-series begins, and meet Carolyn Hemphill, a grandmother desperately trying to escape a past of prison and substance abuse.

PART 2.  We revisit the story of Carolyn Hemphill, and find out more about the offerings of the Texas Offender Re-entry Initiative.  Hear directly from Bishop TD Jakes about why this program is so vital to his ministry and America in general.

PART 3. Meet one of TORI’s first graduates and get his advice for those who have been trapped by the prison system.

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