Ex Detroit Mayor Kwame Kilpatrick Film to Debut

In 2013, former Detroit Mayor Kwame Kilpatrick was sentenced to 28 years in federal prison for political corruption. The scandal, which also involved Kilpatrick’s father and lover, made headlines across the nation. While the lawbreakers said little in front of the media cameras, they revealed much more in a movie created behind-the-scenes.

The film, titled “KMK, A Documentary of Kwame Kilpatrick” and produced by father-son duo Tim and Tobias Smith, takes a look at the infamous incident and reveals never before seen footage of the disgraced politician and his loved ones.

“It’s an honest look at someone who I think was troubled, not only because of their own mistakes, but also because of their love for the people,” Smith said. “It’s not pro-Kilpatrick, it’s just people giving us the truth as they know it.”

Featuring Kilpatrick, his wife Carlita, three sons and Christine Beatty, former Mayor’s Chief of Staff and mistress, the flick not only highlights the family’s issues but the city of Detroit’s as well.

In an exclusive clip from the film aired by WXYZ, Kilpatrick even predicted the future saying, “The indigenous people of the city of Detroit are going to be begging for a savior, and that savior is not going to be black,”

Last year, citizens elected their first white mayor, Mike Duggan, in 40 years.

“KMK, A Documentary of Kwame Kilpatrick” premieres April 3 at the Charles H. Wright Museum for African American History in Detroit. 

Watch a clip from the documentary below.