Ex-Boxer Allegedly Tries To Join ISIS

A Black British boxing champion, allegedly planned to travel to Syria to fight with ISIS, according to the BBC

Anthony Small, 33, along with two other men, are accused of trying to go to Syria after spreading terrorist literature online. He was arrested after Michael Coe and Simon Keeler were found with false documents in November of last year.

All three east London natives deny any ties to the terrorist group.

Small is also accused of publishing an article online called “Attacks By Muslims In Perspective.” Small also gave an address entitled “Why the Islamic State is Rejected” and published a speech called “Another James Foley Beheading.”

He faces charges of disseminating terrorist publications, two charges of supporting a prescribed organization and a charge of conspiracy to possess false identity documents with improper intention.

According to prosecutors, both Small and Coe had previously been photographed at a demonstration on the 10th anniversary of the September 11th attacks.

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