ESPN Columnist Becomes Target of Racist Rant

ESPN columnist Jemele Hill became the target of a racist rant that demanded she be fired, reports Hip-Hop Wired.

Hill has appeared on the ESPN radio show The Herd with host Colin Cowherd, and an irate listener sent a handwritten letter–seriously–calling her a “thick-lipped gorilla,” and “b**ch,” among other disrespectful racist and sexist names.

“For 2 days now I’ve sat here (at work) with your ‘Herd’ show on –and I wanna puke. Hell I don’t like women broadcasters to begin with, yet alone b**ch ‘jungle—bunnies”…(what’s she doing on the air anyway?—She doesn’t even like golf (and said so on the air))— That’s no sports person. This ‘spear-chucker’ needs to go away,” read the letter which was written in all caps.

The Detroit native posted the letter on Twitter over the weekend to more her more than 100,000 followers. The responses she received varied from disgust to lack of surprise.

“That’s unbelievable,” tweeted Yahoo! sports reporter, Charles Robinson. “I’m at a loss for words. Thanks for sharing. It puts all of my hate mail in perspective.”

Hill however took it in stride and even made a joke about the situation.

“Honestly, I’m impressed he called me that many racial slurs without ever using the n-word,” she tweeted. “That takes some creativity.”