Prison Stint for Man Who Filmed Eric Garner Death


The man who filmed the last moments of Eric Garner’s life has been sentenced to 4 years behind bars, Huffington Post reports.

Ramsey Orta says he is still haunted by what he captured in July 2014, and he feels like the police have been after him for what he did ever since.

Orta, who has been allowed to reside in Las Vegas with his wife, will return to New York to begin his four-year prison sentence on drug and gun charges stemming back to 2014.

The 24-year-old pleaded guilty in his 2014 Staten Island weapons and drug case in July. He has been arrested several times since the incident and recently had a domestic violence case dismissed by Manhattan prosecutors.

Orta allegedly roughed up his wife, Jessica, on Feb. 13 at their Baruch Houses apartment, officials say.

Video recorded by Orta shows an NYPD officer placing his friend Garner, 43, into a prohibited chokehold during an arrest for selling loose, untaxed cigarettes. Garner then falls to the ground and cops pile on top of him. He repeatedly cries out, “I can’t breathe,” before his body goes limp.

The video went viral after the New York Daily News posted it to its site. Shortly after, “I can’t breathe” became a rallying cry in response to police brutality.

Orta says he watches the video daily, usually when it’s included in articles written about him. Despite the aftermath, he doesn’t regret recording the incident.

“I only exposed something that’s been going on for years,” he said, “and you know, now I’ve kind of got everybody pulling out their cameras and filming police brutality around the world.”

Orta is set to begin his prison stint next month.