Emmett Till’s Family Responds to Lil Wayne’s Impudent Lyric

Future dropped a remix to his “Karate Chop” track over the weekend, which features Lil Wayne. During his verse, Weezy rapped a disrespectful punchline that used Emmett Till’s name.  On the song,  Lil Wayne raps, “Beat that p-ssy up like Emmett Till.”

Um…Emmett Till wasn’t just beat up. In 1955, he was kidnapped, tortured, murdered and then tossed into the Mississippi river with a 70-fan tied around his neck with barbed wire all because it’s speculated that he flirted or cat called a White woman. The Emmett Till case became a catalyst that helped further advance the Civil Rights Movement, which pretty much is the foundation for any Black person who has achieved success in the United States, such as Lil Wayne.

Dr. Boyce Watkins spoke to a representative of the Till family named Airickca Gordon Taylor.

““I just couldn’t understand how he could compare the gateway to life to the brutality and punishment of death,” she said.

Wayne isn’t the only rapper to make a reference to Emmett Till. In 2004, Remy Ma made an out of pocket remark referencing someone looking like Emmett Till.

“You got little tits and your face looks like Emmett Till,” she rapped on “Yeah Yeah Yeah.”

Speaking of Emmett Till’s face, his mother decided to hold an open casket funeral face so that the world could see what those monsters did to her son. His face was so badly mutilated that he was unrecognizable.

Fast forward to Lil Wayne’s ignorant lyric, Watkins and others are making a call to action about lyrics like these having ill effects on consumers.

 According to Hip Hop Wired:

Rev. Jesse Jackson and his associate, Bishop Tavis Grant of the Rainbow/Push Coalition have spoken up on the matter, and I’ve promised to give them my support.  Hip-hop music is one of the most powerful and persuasive art forms in the history of the world, and it is now being used to enslave the minds of young black people so that they might become food for the prison industrial complex.  Lil Wayne’s reference to till is just the latest effort to dumb down black America and to produce messages that are nothing short of disgustingly toxic.

Many potential black male father figures have been extracted from our community and sent to the concentration camps of the prison industrial complex, given dozens of years for sometimes minor offenses.  All the while, their sons grow up without fathers, and are taught on the radio how to get high and drunk every day, to kill other black men, and to disrespect the black women who raised them.  Lil Wayne’s music is a reflection of this reality, as a man who is as brilliant as the great Malcolm X has been convinced to use his powers for evil rather than good.

Hopefully Lil Wayne is forced to reflect on the disrespectful nature of his comment. This is just not ok.