Election Results Fuel Ole Miss Anti-Obama Protests

A few hours after President Barack Obama’s win was announced, students at the University of Mississippi began protesting the election results.

WMC-TV originally reported that “riots were brewing on the college campus;” tweets soon followed.

@maryhannah29 tweeted: “Well ole miss is officially a riot right now.” @JamieStewart5 tweeted: “Really they going to riot at ole miss because Obama won!! Need to get it together I hate living in the south.”

Ole Miss journalism student Margaret Ann Morgan posted, “Students of all races yelling on rebel drive. Lots of racial slurs.”

Photos were posted on Twitter which show a huge group of people on the campus, some lighting Obama-Biden signs on fire. A video was even uploaded to YouTube.

According to Ole Miss Chancellor Dan Jones, “university police were first notified of the demonstrations when 30 to 40 students gathered at the union. Within the next 20 minutes, the group had grown to more than 400 students.”

“Unfortunately, early news reports quoted social media comments that were inaccurate. Too, some photographs published in social media portrayed events that police did not observe on campus,” said Jones in a written statement. “Nevertheless, the reports of uncivil language and shouted racial epithets appear to be accurate and are universally condemned by the university, student leaders and the vast majority of students who are more representative of our university creed.”

Historically, Ole Miss has been plagued by racially-driven student protests. In 1962, students protested James H. Meredith, an African-American student who had to be escorted onto campus by U.S. Marshals. Two men were killed before the violence was ceased by more than 3,000 federal soldiers.