Dutch Newspaper’s Racist Headline

Blackface and a headline that boldly reads, “N—–, Are You Crazy?” is the recent offense made by Dutch newspaper, NRC Handelsbad.

Oh and we have to mention that the racial slur was fully spelled out.

Le sigh. If you’re questioning, yes, we are still in 2015. And yes, this is real.

The published compilation, written by Washington correspondant, Guus Valk, was intended to be a critique on three books that explored race. One of the books being Ta-Nehisi Coates’ profound “Between The World and Me.”

And you know how there’s usually an issued apology to state how offense wasn’t the intent? Yeah, well, that is not the case here.

Instead, a controversial statement from the publication’s editor Michel Krielaars was issued:

The article by our Washington correspondent Guus Valk in the weekly Book Supplement of NRC Handelsblad was a review of three books about race relations in the United States: Ta-Nehisi Coates’ “Between the World and Me,” Paul Beatty’s “The Sellout,” and Mat Johnson’s “Loving Day.” It dealt with the persistence of racism and the continuing inequality in the US. The tone of the article is pessimistic, and the illustrations, as well as the headline, were meant to reflect that. There is no racist remark to be read in the review, because that is not our cup of tea.

When working to gain eyeballs with a provocative headline goes extremely too far.

Read the full story, here.