Westbrook, Durant Make Nice at All-Star Game

It’s not a big secret that things have been tense between Oklahoma City’s Russell Westbrook and Golden State’s Kevin Durant. But during Sunday’s NBA All-Star Game, they seemed to be on good enough terms for an alley-oop from Durant Resulting in a Westbrook dunk during the first quarter.

Playing for the NBA West, the two were reunited as teammates for the first time since Durant left Oklahoma City for Golden State after the team was defeated by the Warriors in the NBA Playoffs last year. Since then, the split between the two has been an elephant in the room talked more about in the media than between the two players.

But for the night of the All-Star Game, everything was good. The two gave each other an approving nod and the game continued with the West beating the East for the third year in a row, 192-182.

“He threw a lob,” Westbrook said, downplaying the play. “That’s all that happened. Just threw a lob. It’s basketball. That’s it.”

“It was a good play,” said Durant. “Good catch. Good finish.”

Image: Russell Westbrook (0) dunks after a lob from Kevin Durant (35) during the NBA All-Star Game. (YouTube)