Drunk Secret Service Agents Crash WH Gate

The Secret Service, again, under fire.

The Department of Homeland Security is investigating a reported incident where drunken Secret Service agents allegedly crashed their car into a barricade at the White House. The agents are reportedly two “senior” level agents, one who may be a “top member” of President Obama’s protective security detail.

The agents reportedly ran a government car into barricades at the White House after being out late, drinking at a party for retiring spokesman Ed Donovan.

From The Washington Post:

Officers on duty who witnessed the March 4 incident wanted to arrest the agents and conduct sobriety tests, according to a current and a former government official familiar with the incident. But the officers were ordered by a supervisor on duty that night to let the agents go home, said these people, who spoke on the condition of anonymity to discuss the sensitive internal matter.

The Secret Service has run into a series of gaffes, security lapses and controversies throughout the Obama Administration, despite the fact that Barack Obama, being the first African American president, has faced serious death threats since he was then-Senator Obama, running for president in 2008. He required Secret Service protection earlier than any other candidate.

Yet, the Secret Service has been busted over the years for escort scandals, drunkenness, lack of oversight and trying to cover up various security breaches, even bullets being shot, at the White House.