Driver Hits Teen, Tweets Dead Body

A Florida mother is grieving over the loss of her 16-year-old son, who was struck and killed by a driver over the weekend.

A car hit Trevius Williams as he walked across the street to the store. The driver took to Twitter soon after striking the teen and posted the following message along with an image of Trevius’ body.

“I just killed someone,” the tweet said.

The incident happened in Jacksonville on Sunday.

“How dare you do that? How dare you stand over my son’s mangled bloody body and take a picture of him” said Trevius’ mother, Connie Cole. “To see the holes in my baby’s face and the blood coming from his ears and you know my baby in a body bag.”

The driver also tweeted about consuming “so much lean,” which is cough medicine mixed with Sprite, but police say there was no evidence of alcohol. The driver had not been tested yet.

It is unclear if the driver will face any charges. Our condolences go out to Trevius’ family.

Check back for updates.