Draymond Green’s Arrest Gets Messier

Golden State Warrior forward Draymond Green is having a rough summer. Just a month after being ejected from Game 5 of the NBA Championships for a flagrant foul, the 26-year old was arrested on Sunday for assaulting a provoking fan. Deadspin reports the heckler was rumored to be Michigan State football player Jermaine Edmondson.

The incident report, which was released on Wednesday, confirms that in fact, there was a scuffle between Green and Edmondson. The police report recounted Edmondson bumping into at Rick’s, an East Lansing, Mich., bar on Saturday. Supposedly, Green turned around and asked him, “Do you know who I am?”

A few hours later, Edmondson had told police that someone came up to him and grabbed him by the throat. A female witness, who was with Edmondson at the time, also stated she had been grabbed by the throat. They both could not identify the individual.

On Sunday, Green approached Edmondson and tried to speak with him, but it soon escalated to conflict. When Edmonson told Green to get off him, Green slapped him. A police officer nearby said the slap was very loud and another officer reported that he heard a loud smack noise. At the time, Edmondson did not want to seek medical attention and refused to press charges against Green.

On Wednesday, Davis Harns tweeted, “A source close to the situation tells me that Edmondson changed his mind. He feels offended…so he’s pressing charges against Green.”

Edmondson’s lawyer released a statement released a statement telling press, “My client is a student-athlete who was punched and assaulted by Mr. Green in an unprovoked, unnecessary attack. His life has been forever altered by the events of that weekend. As the authorities continue investigating and interviewing all witnesses, we will have no further public comment until that process is completed.”

Green played forward for Michigan State from 2008-2012. The Golden State Warriors lost the NBA Championship to the Cleveland Cavaliers 4-3.