Donors Announce Scholarship Fund in Wake of Charleston Shooting

Anonymous donors have come together to honor the victims of the Charleston massacre with a scholarship. Known as the Reverend Pickney Scholarship Fund, the contributors have already committed $2.5 million to the collection.

The award will provide educational funds to members of the extended Emanuel African Methodist Episcopal Church community. The South Carolina city has been recovering since nine members of the historic church were killed after a white gunman opened fire during a weekly bible study.

“We do not pretend to understand the pain caused by this unimaginable tragedy. We simply want members of the Emanuel African Methodist Episcopal Church community to know that the burdens of perseverance and empathy, which they have demonstrated with such dignity, do not fall exclusively on their shoulders. We want them to know that others, who do not share their race or religion, who do not come from South Carolina, abhor the injustices from which they have suffered and admire the ways the African-American community has enriched our nation,” the donors said in a statement.

To learn more about the organization and how you can help, visit the website.