Donald Trump Says He Can Gain the Black Vote

Donald Trump has been heavily criticized along his 2016 Presidential campaign journey. Most of the flack stems from his offensive comments relating to women and minority groups. However, despite scrutiny and a solid backing from African Americans, he believes that there is a portion of Black people that will vote for him.

His confidence was boosted from a recent SurveyUSA poll that indicated he could win 25 percent of the Black vote against Democratic rival and front-runner, Hillary Clinton.

“Generally, a lot of Republicans do not do well with African Americans,” Trump told the Greater Charleston Business Alliance in South Carolina. “I have a lot of friends, African-Americans in New York, they say, ‘You’re going to get most of the vote.’I was actually disappointed with the 25 percent.”

The statistics, thus far, come nearly a year before the official November 2016 election and before states hold a nominating contest.

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