Donald Trump: ‘No Black president for awhile’

Donald Trump doesn’t foresee America having another Black commander-in-chief anytime soon because President Obama has “set a very poor standard.”

The controversial businessman and presidential hopeful made the comments during an interview with ABC News on Sunday.

Trump has thrown shots at the president for years, repeatedly questioning whether Obama was born in the United States and was once sued by the Justice Department due to management of his apartment complexes allegedly discriminating against Black tenants.

Despite all of that, Trump is confident he’ll win the Black vote.

Here’s what Trump said in response to a question about a tweet he sent last year about America not seeing another Black president anytime soon.

“He has done nothing for African Americans. You look at what’s gone on with their income levels. You look at what’s gone on with their youth. I thought that he would be a great cheerleader for this country. I thought he’d do a fabulous job for the African American citizens of this country. He has done nothing.”

As if Trump couldn’t blame Obama for thee ENTIRE African American struggle enough, he touched on what he felt like was Obama’s lack of attention to the economic struggles of Blacks.

“They have problems now in terms of unemployment numbers, look at their unemployment numbers. And you have — here you have a Black president who’s done very poorly for the African Americans of this country. I think that I will win the African American vote and I think I will win the Hispanic vote.”


Way to blame President Obama for the result of hundreds of years of systematic oppression tailored to make life more difficult for Black people Trump.

You’ve got my vote. NOT.