Donald Trump Boosters Gain Virality…and Criticism

Amid all the controversies surrounding Donald Trump in his run for president the latest may be two African American boosters who are gaining traction with their social media posts in support of the Republican candidate.

The two women, Lynette Hardaway and Rochelle Richardson, North Carolina sisters calling themselves “Diamond and Silk” have created several YouTube videos voicing their fervent backing of Trump. The candidate in turn recently had them on stage at a recent rally.

They are calling for everyone to “ditch and switch” in support of Trump, but there seems to be no commentary from them on the controversy surrounding the candidate saying 100 Black ministers would endorse him, or of his platform of banning Muslims from entering the country.

Response to their videos has been met with criticism for being stereotypical and for their support of Trump despite his stances from which even his right conservative opponents have distanced themselves.

It’s not the first time a political candidate has had boosters like this. During President Obama’s 2008 campaign, “Obama Girl” Amber Lee Ettinger took the spotlight with her videos proclaiming a crush on the then-Democratic candidate.

And remember Samuel J. Wurzelbacher, the Ohio man who became known as “Joe the Plumber” after his interaction with Obama on the campaign trail?

He later attached his support to Sen. John McCain that same year and became such a representative of conservative viewpoints that he is still a sought after right wing commentator.