Don Lemon + Klansman + SAE = Why, CNN, why?

It went about as well as you’d expect when CNN’s Don Lemon talked to Generic Modern Klansman. I’m not bothering looking up his name. I’m sure it’ll show up in the video posted below. Just know that he looks no different than the doughy Grand Wizards who used show up on Jerry Springer and Geraldo Rivera back in the 90s to call the hosts out for being Jewish and, in the case of half-Jewish Geraldo, “mud people.”

On CNN, Generic Modern Klansman said the usual YouTube racist troll jazz from his mom’s poorly lit basement over Skype — why can’t white people have white things like black people have the segregated black things they were forced to create on their own because of racism?

Real talk. Think about that for a minute. Is he asking to be forced to create his own fragile place in a hostile society through rampant oppression and systemic abuse, because … I know some folks in East St. Louis who would be willing to replicate that whole slavery-Jim Crow dealie that made us who we are just for him for free.

He also, of course, called out Don Lemon for being mixed or something. Lemon is so easily mockable, and that’s what he goes with? Lazy. They don’t get Google in your mom’s basement, Generic Klansman? Instead, he chooses to work from the same script that was written by David Duke in 1984. So interchangeable.

The master race is really letting themselves go if this is who’s repping the team now. If Martin Luther King, Jr. had been facing this yokel back in the day instead of — you know — Edgar J. Hoover and the old school KKK whose members were police, politicians, judges and business owners, the glory probably could have been won over the course of a ten minute conversation with the Kennedys and a well-placed eye-roll.

But nice try at getting all sides, a side, any side to a story, CNN. Watch the interview below: