Don Lemon In the Hot Seat…Again

Don Lemon does it again. As if being included in Columbia Journalism Review’s worst journalism of 2014, wasn’t enough, the CNN anchor dug a deeper hole for himself by asking a Muslim Human Rights Lawyer, if he…wait for it…supports ISIS, a notorious terrorist group.

“Would you describe those who support ISIS Islamic extremists? Do you support ISIS?”, he asked.

And no, this wasn’t a behind-the-scenes or an I-forgot-the-mic-is- still-on question,this was done on national television.

Le sigh.

Adding more injury and insult is the fact that the question was posed during a segment in which Arsalan Iftikhar, who was invited on the show to discuss the Islamic extremists attacks that left a dozen people dead in Paris, had spent nearly the entire time reprimanding the recent Charlie Hebdo attacks.

But no, that wasn’t enough. As if Iftikhar’s obvious confusion wasn’t enough, Lemon continued to press the question.

And as it goes, social media came with the scolding tweets.

Here’s just a taste: