DOJ Unlikely to Charge George Zimmerman

ABC News is reporting that the Department of Justice will not file charges against George Zimmerman, the man who killed unarmed, 17-year-old Trayvon Martin in 2012.

The death of Martin sparked protests and intense debate in across the nation due to the circumstance surrounding the teen’s death. Zimmerman reportedly confronted Martin because he profiled the teen as a criminal, but Martin was not committing any crime. The unarmed teenager was merely walking home after purchasing Skittles and iced tea from a nearby store.

Zimmerman was acquitted of murder charges in 2013, the jury citing Florida prosecutors did not provide enough evidence to prove their case. Many accused the prosecutors of botching the case.

ABC is reporting the DOJ concluded there was not enough evidence to prove Zimmerman violated Martin’s Civil Rights when the self-appointed neighborhood watchman killed Martin. They also say that the DOJ has known they would not pursue charges for some time, but that Attorney General Eric Holder wanted there to be a thorough review of the case, releasing information on both the Zimmerman shooting and the police shooting death of Michael Brown in Ferguson, Mo. before he leaves office.

From ABC News:

Privately and publicly, Justice Department officials have been telegraphing all along that they were unlikely to file charges against Zimmerman. And in November 2013, Holder said the case against Zimmerman “in substantial part was resolved” with his acquittal months earlier.

Nevertheless, federal officials have insisted their civil-rights probe would be thorough and complete. Several months ago –- nearly two years into the Justice Department’s investigation –- Holder said federal investigators were still seeking to interview certain witnesses “as a result of some recent developments.”

More recently, Holder has said he hoped to announce the findings of the Zimmerman and Ferguson-related probes before he leaves office, which could happen in a matter of weeks, depending on when the U.S. Senate confirms his successor.

Holder has said then when a decision is announced in the Zimmerman case, it will be accompanied by “as much information” as possible detailing the Justice Department’s findings.

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