Disabled Man Finds Racist Letter on Car Windshield

Each and every day, the world proves to us that the “post-racial society” that some say that we live in is a myth.

As I was scrolling through Facebook, I noticed a post from one of my friends from college:


D’Anthony White, 30, is a Black man who happens to be legally blind. He discovered the note while out in Silver Springs, Maryland with his fiancé on Sunday.

“My fiancé and I were running errands in Silver Springs and parked in a handicap parking space and we displayed my handicap placard,” White told JET. “When we returned to our car, we found the note on the windshield.”

While it’s difficult for White to see, he does not require a cane, so his disability isn’t noticeable right away. But that still isn’t an excuse for racial ignorance.

“I was initially shocked when I read the note,” White explained. “I thought, ‘you don’t know my story or anything about my disability.’ All disabilities aren’t visible.”

After the shock wore off, White says he became enraged.

“The author of the note felt the need to call me and my fiancé n****s. Any point he or she was trying to make was completely invalidated when they chose to address us with a racial slur. I proved my disability to the state, who gave me a handicap placard, I don’t owe you any explanation. [But] I try not to let any of the ignorance bother me too much – then they’ve won,” White said.

Leaving such a note like this not only shows out racist some people are, but how much they are cowards.