Detroit Water Cutoffs Suspended for 15 Days

Credit: Thinkstock

Detroit citizens are finally experiencing a little relief, because officials have decided to disband the city’s aggressive water cutoff for 15 days, according to the Associated Press.

The decision, which was made in bankruptcy court Monday, comes months after the city began shutting off water service to thousands of customers with unpaid bills.

Protesters and activists alike continued to highlight the issue when they lobbied for the United Nations to intercede, declaring that legislators had “violated the human right to water.”

Since presiding over the nation’s largest bankruptcy case, Judge Steven Rhodes has been encouraging political leaders to find alternative ways to resolve the city’s financial issues aside from turning off water services.

Now, political leaders will use the nearly two-week suspension to educate residents on how to relieve their debt and avoid shutoffs.

The city “does not want to put its customers out of service,” said water department Deputy Director Darryl Latimer.