Just How Does Detroit Feel About Trump?

Associated Press

In Detroit, the natives have a saying: “It’s so cold in the D.” It applies to conflicts, social situations, economics, and apparently now, even politics.

Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump is finding out exactly how cold because according to the latest poll, in the Motor City, he’s polling at a big fat empty tire (that means zero to the rest of the nation), according to TV station WDIV.

Last month Trump came to Detroit’s Great Faith Ministries to do “outreach” to the Black community. What better place to do it than a city that is more than 84 percent Black? In fact, according to U.S. Census records, it is the Blackest city in the country.

But it looks as though the billionaire’s efforts did not go over well during his well-publicized visit. Trumps overture’s to African-Americans have been criticized across the board.

“Detroiters see him as a candidate who has used racism to bolster his support among a segment in the nation by leading the birther campaign against President Obama,” wrote Detroit News columnist Bankole Thompson on after Trump’s visit.

WDIV says Trump’s accomplishment of the lowest of possible poll numbers among Black in Detroit isn’t unprecedented. He also scored zero among Blacks in Pennsylvania and Ohio, according to an NBC poll.

To be fair the station’s poll surveyed a sample of 600 people across Michigan and a relative few live actually live in Detroit proper, so the smaller sample increases the margin of error, the station said. But Trump’s opponent Hillary Clinton is enjoying 87 percent support in the city. About 7.7 percent of people in Detroit were undecided.