Derrick Rose to Return to Stand in Rape Lawsuit

New York Knicks basketball player Derrick Rose arrives at U.S. District Court in downtown Los Angeles. AP / Damian Dovarganes

Derrick Rose was expected to take the stand Tuesday in a $21 million civil lawsuit that accuses him and two friends of sexually assaulting a woman who they allegedly drugged in 2013. 

But the judge in the case must first consider a motion for mistrial by Rose’s lawyers because of a text message that his accusers lawyers had not revealed until last Friday. 

The judge said he would take the issue up Tuesday morning before the Knicks point guard is scheduled to resume testimony.

The New York Knicks forward, who was traded from Chicago in June, was ordered to take the stand even if it meant missing a preseason game Monday night. He did not play in the team’s 90-88 victory over the Washington Wizards.

Rose testified last week that he felt that a text from his accuser indicated consent, which was reinforced for him by their sexual history. “I was assuming that all of us going over there that she wanted to have sex with all of us,” Rose said in his testimony.

The 30-year-old woman denied having sex earlier in the evening at Rose’s Beverly Hills mansion, though her testimony was clouded by her claims that she blacked out and could only piece together the evening through short “flashes” of memory and by reviewing a flurry of text messages she apparently was able to send despite being drunk and, possibly, drugged.

Consent is the main issue for the jury of six women and two men. The men, all friends since adolescence in Chicago, have denied the allegations and said the woman consented.


Rose said he never received any text from the woman telling him she wanted to have sex with him and the two others. But he had assumed from what had transpired and the fact she had never told him no.

“In my mind, she consented every time we had sex,” he said. “Why wouldn’t she do it that time?”

Attorney Waukeen McCoy suggested Rose had no remorse about the night.

“I’m sensitive to it,” Rose replied, but added, “I feel I didn’t do anything wrong.”

Rose hadn’t seen the woman since breaking up months earlier, but invited her over for drinks on the night in question. She came with a friend and after a shot or two of tequila she became sexually aggressive, which turned him off.

Rose retreated to his room, where he rebuffed further advances until a friend removed her from the room.

Defense lawyers have described her as a gold digger and suggested she had sued for money.

She denied that saying: “I didn’t wish him any harm, I wanted him to be accountable.”

The woman didn’t report the incident to police until she filed suit more than two years later. Los Angeles police still have an open investigation.

New York Knicks basketball player Derrick Rose arrives at U.S. District Court in downtown Los Angeles. AP / Damian Dovarganes