Trial Date Set for Derrick Rose Gang-Rape Case

Former Chicago Bulls NBA star Derrick Rose was recently traded to the New York Knicks, but that isn’t why he’s making headlines lately.

ThinkProgress reports the pro athlete will head to trial on Oct. 4 regarding allegations that he, along with two of his closest friends, gang-raped a woman during the early morning hours of Aug. 27, 2013 while she was unconscious.

The trial date follows an Aug. 26, 2015 civil suit filed by the woman known as “Jane Doe” against Rose, Randall Hampton and Ryan Allen. The suit alleges that the three men drugged her at a party, then trespassed into her apartment hours later and proceeded to sexually assault her.

In June, Rose filed a Motion for Summary Judgement alleging that the case should be thrown out. The motion was denied after a judge concluded there was still “a genuine dispute of material fact as to the central issue in this action: whether Plaintiff consented to sexual intercourse with Defendants in early morning of August 27, 2013.”

In a deposition, Rose admitted he attempted to get “Jane Doe” to participate in group sex, but she never did.

Like all rape cases, consent is the deciding factor in this situation. ThinkProgress reports that Rose’s own expert toxicologist estimated she had a blood alcohol level of 0.20, which is 2.5 times the legal driving limit.

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