Derrick Rose Addresses Sexual Assault Case

All eyes and ears were on Derrick Rose as the Chicago Bulls made the rounds for media day.

In addition to talking Bulls basketball, becoming a free agent and preparing for the upcoming season, the topic that attracted press interest was that of Rose’s personal and social life.

In August of this year, Rose’s ex-girlfriend filed a lawsuit claiming she was sexually assaulted by the athlete and two of his friends.

Rose followed up with a written statement assuring his innocence.

In Monday’s press conference, the subject was addressed again with Rose elaborating on his earlier comments:

“I will be proven innocent. At the same time, it hasn’t effected anything. It’s not true. I take it as motivation and the devil is just working. I feel like I’m on the right track with where I want to be and the direction I want to go. I just feel like when you’re that focused, people will try to take you down. I’m very confident that I will be proven innocent.

Watch more of the media day press conference below.

The Bulls general manager, Gar Forman told the Chicago Tribune that Derrick is family and has their “full support.”