DeRay Mckesson Endorses Hillary Clinton


With less than two weeks away from the Presidential Election, DeRay Mckesson has announced publicly that he is backing Hillary Clinton. In an op-ed with The Washington Post, the activist laid out his reasoning. Citing Shirley Chisholm, his fight in cities like St. Louis and Baltimore, the end of the federal government’s “Equitable Sharing Program,” and more, Mckesson gave a detailed stance on his position as it relates to social justice:

The unrest and activism over the last two years has undoubtedly pushed Clinton, specifically on key issues that she and other Democrats otherwise would not have addressed as forcefully as the party’s platform does: private prisons, an increased minimum wage, the role of institutional and implicit bias in sustaining unjust systems and acknowledging the need to address racism directly, to name a few.

Clinton’s platform on racial justice is strong: It is informed by the policy failings of the past and is a vision for where we need to go.

Mckesson also addressed a problematic approach to those choosing not to got voting this election season:

I often hear some of my peers say that they may not vote, that a Donald Trump presidency would bring about a productive apocalypse — that the system would grind to a halt and force us to confront everything that is wrong with the system. But we know that the system will not come to a grinding halt; it never has. In a Trump administration, the system would surely grind us, Black and Brown folks, even more than it already does. 

However, Mckesson also made clear that he is not aligned with Clinton on every issue, saying she should call for to abolish the death penalty, and to end the federal equitable sharing program, which allows police to seize assets from the accused and not return it. He also said in meeting with her recently, he asked her to address the federal government’s treatment of non-violent drug offenders and the mass incarceration system in general.