DCF Investigating Fla. Family Stuffing Kids in Trunk

Appalled only begins to describe what was caught on video in a Florida parking lot.

A woman enjoying a meal in Jacksonville was shocked when she saw a family, publicly stuffing children into the trunk of their car.

According to a FOX 30 report, the family went inside of CiCi’s Pizza inquiring about free food – and then they left.

The woman who recorded the video, didn’t initially believe her eyes until the family left the restaurant and sure enough a child was seen jumping back into the trunk of the vehicle before the family pulls off.

Unbelievable – but visibly true.

The Department of Children and Families (DCF) has identified the family, reports WMAZ13, but their names have yet to be released. An investigation is in progress.

Back in the day when there were more bodies than car space, we would just simply lap up…risking a ticket as opposed to possible suffocation. I’m just saying.