Daughter’s Novel Tackles Young Malcolm X’s Life

Ilyasah Shabazz was only two when her father, Malcolm X, was felled by an assassin’s bullets. In her new book, X: A Novel, she examines the emotional side of her father, telling a story based around the Civil Rights icon’s adolescent years.

She talked to HuffPost Live about the book:

“He loved his people. He loved his country. He sacrificed his life,” Shabazz said. “He was just in his 20s when the world would learn of him. He was only in his 30s when he was killed. He was a man of great compassion and impeccable integrity.”

Shabazz also went on to add what Malcolm wanted, and how that still applies today as racial tensions continue to be an issue in today’s America.

“My father was seeking the oneness of humanity,” she said. “I think there are many young people now who are looking more into his work and carrying it forward.”

Learn more about Shabazz’s novel and watch the video below.