Dartmouth College Launches #BlackLivesMatter Course

The difference that a societal movement (accompanied by a social media hashtag) can make has just become more evident with the announcement of Dartmouth College introducing a #BlackLivesMatter course into their spring course selections.

Themed, “10 Weeks, 10 Professors: #BlackLivesMatter,” the collegiate course will examine violence, race and inequality while providing the context of current and historical events.

The powerful mantra has become part of a nationwide call for solidarity in reference to the injustices occurring between White police officers and unarmed Black youth, including Michael Brown and Eric Garner.

The deaths of Brown, Garner, Tamir Rice, Trayvon Martin and the many others caused uproar across social media demanding respect for all races, with an emphasis on Blacks, after grand juries failed to indict White officers after fatal incidents.

“10 Weeks, 10 Professors: #BlackLivesMatter, will consider using elements of the arts such as music and poetry to dive into course work.

While the teachers are completing the full plan of the course, the news has been spreading around campus and the support is pouring in!

We are definitely living in an interesting and important time in history.

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