Danny Glover Angry After Interview Cut Short

Here’s one rule of thumb when interacting with Danny Glover: do not cut him off mid-sentence. One San Francisco broadcaster learned the hard way earlier this week after interviewing him during a live segment that highlighted the American Postal Workers Union.

The Color Purple actor has recently taken the lead with the organization in a series of protests aimed to draw attention to U.S. postal workers fighting to protect jobs and prevent reduced mail services. Glover is especially passionate about the cause, because he was raised by parents who held jobs at USPS.

While the interview, conducted by KTVU’s Terri Campbell, began pleasantly, it certainly didn’t end that way. About 30 seconds into Glover’s answer to her first question, she interrupted him.

“All right Mr. Glover, we’re almost out of time,” she said.

The 68-year-old appeared disgruntled.

“Well, you should’ve given me more time, that’s the first thing. Why don’t you go on, if you don’t have enough time, don’t bother,” he replied.

“Just don’t give me two minutes. I’m from San Francisco and Oakland, that’s the least you could have done is given me more time. I’m not somebody who’s moved to the wayside,” he continued.

Then, Glover was cut off again when the station abruptly ended the interview altogether.

Perhaps the news affiliate should’ve invited the Hollywood star to the studio for an exclusive pre-recorded talk, so they could have created a package that singled out his main concerns and plans for action more thoroughly. But hey, what do we know? Shoulda coulda woulda.

Watch the uncomfortable interaction below.